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The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to regulate the relationship between Tedstone Education Support Services, Rasis Business Center, Office 158, 3rd Floor, Al Barsha 1, Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE (hereinafter Tedstone Education Support Services) and you (hereinafter the Client), in relation to registering for the services offered by Tedstone Education Support Services through the website www.tedstone-education.com, educational agency, or any other source.

Key terms:

The following is a summary of the key terms of this service:

  • Before using this Service, it is recommended that the Client shall make necessary enquiry about the charges or fees payable.
    • Price for services and turn-around time is determined on a project by project basis and will be as stated in your official quote for services sent by Tedstone Education Support Service.
    • The Client agrees that Tedstone Education Support Services or any of its employees will not be held liable by the Client for any loss or damages arising from your use of, or reliance upon the information contained on the Website, or any failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions where such failure is due to circumstance beyond Tedstone Education Support Service’s reasonable control.

Debit/Credit Card, Bank Account Details:

  • The Client agrees that the debit/credit card details provided by him/ her for use of the aforesaid Service(s) must be correct and accurate and that the Client shall not use a Debit/ credit card, that is not lawfully owned by him/ her or the use of which is not authorized by the lawful owner thereof. The Client further agrees and undertakes to provide correct and valid debit/credit card details.
  • The Client may pay his/her application/initial fees to Tedstone Education Support Services by using a debit/credit card or through online banking account. The Client warrants, agrees and confirms that when he/she initiates a payment transaction and/or issues an online payment instruction and provides his/ her card / bank details:
    • The Client is fully and lawfully entitled to use such credit / debit card, bank account for such transactions.
    • The Client is responsible to ensure that the card/ bank account details provided by him/ her are accurate.
    • The Client authorizes debit of the nominated card/ bank account for the Payment of fees selected by such Client along with the applicable Fees.
    • The Client is responsible to ensure that sufficient credit is available on the nominated card/ bank account at the time of making the payment to permit the Payment of the dues payable or fees dues selected by the Client inclusive of the applicable Fee.

Debt Recovery

In relation to overdue amounts, Tedstone Education Support Services reserves the right to pass this matter to a debt recovery company without further notification to the Student. This means that the Student’s personal data will be passed to the debt recovery company for further action.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability:

Tedstone Education Support Services does not accept liability for any damage, loss, cost (including legal costs), expenses, indirect losses or consequential damage of any kind which may be suffered or incurred by the Client from the use of this service.

Governing law:

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates and the competent courts in the UAE shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Dispute Resolution

All the dispute cases, dissatisfactions and misreading emerging from or caused by this contract shall be solved by the Regulations of the UAE.

In the event of any dispute case or any other irrelevant situation parties are recommended to solve it by mutual agreement.

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

Refund of 100% of the service fees possible if the service has not been delivered. Refund of 100% of the service fee is possible in case of a force majeure. No refund is considered if the student received the service.

Force Majeure

Nobody of the agreement parties carries any responsibility for the unfulfilled and/or improperly fulfilled agreement liabilities caused by natural disasters (fire, earthquake, flood and other natural disasters, war, blockade, restrictions applied by the Government and etc.) or any force-majeure cases unbound to any of the parties.

After removal of the emergency case (force-majeure) the parties make mutual agreement on their future activities and actions.

Privacy Policy:

The information provided by the Client on this website shall be kept confidential and shall not be shared with external parties. The DATA will neither be made accessible to third parties nor transferred in any form or manner unless required by law.

Tedstone Education Support Services may share your personal information with our banking institutions for clearing necessary fees payments. This information shall be strictly up to the legal permissible extent and not exceeding the limit.

Information related to payments using debit or credit card is not accessed or stored by the Tedstone Education Support Services.

Limitation of Liability: In no event, Tedstone Education Support Services will be liable for any damage direct or indirect losses or expenses arising in connection with site or use thereof inability to use by any person, delay of operation or transaction, computer virus etc.


Tedstone Education Support Services is committed to highest confidentiality standards, therefore all information provided by Client with the purposes of translating business or personal documents shall be kept strictly confidential by Tedstone Education Support Services. Some information may, however, be disclosed to our vendors in order to facilitate the translation process. Such information includes: terminology and glossaries, description of business products, images of business products.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions

The Client must accept these General Terms and Conditions at the moment of requesting the service needed. If for some reason it has not been done, it is considered that the Client accepts these current Terms and Conditions by default at the moment of paying for the service fee which automatically means expressing complete compliance with each and every one of these Terms and Conditions; any new conditions that could later appear in the clauses of the General Terms and Conditions are not applicable.