Why us


    Our brazen dreams sowed the seeds of many fruitful collaborations with universities and educational institutions worldwide. TESS has established close relationships with some of the world's leading universities as we continue to expand each year. Our corporate values are what make us valuable and efficient for our partners, and we strive to maintain that reputation over time through strategic planning, rational thought, and ironclad management.

    KDHA (The Knowledge and Human Development Authority) Accreditation:

    TESS takes great pride in its dedication to providing exceptional services in the education sector. In recognition of its commitment to quality and excellence, TESS has earned accreditation from the esteemed Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KDHA) in Dubai. KDHA stands as a prominent authority in the education landscape of Dubai, tirelessly fostering the advancement of education by offering unwavering support to universities, schools, and other educational institutions.

    This prestigious accreditation underscores TESS's strong profile in the educational realm. It signifies TESS's alignment with KDHA's rigorous standards and benchmarks, validating its role as a dependable and quality-driven service provider. The partnership with KDHA is not merely a symbolic achievement but a powerful collaboration that amplifies the potential for future clients. Through this affiliation, TESS opens the gateway for its clients to explore expansive possibilities and tap into promising prospects within the realm of education.

    Moreover, the accreditation serves as a testament to TESS's dedication to empowering comprehensive service checks and ensuring top-notch quality. By adhering to KDHA's stringent guidelines, TESS goes beyond the conventional approach to bolstering its service offerings. This commitment resonates with the core principle of sustaining a thriving educational ecosystem in Dubai.

    Beyond its immediate impact, TESS's partnership with KDHA plays a pivotal role in regulating the educational system not only within the UAE but also across the broader region. This collaboration sets a benchmark for quality assurance and best practices, elevating the overall standard of education services. The regulatory framework established through this association not only benefits TESS and its clients but also contributes to the enhancement of educational services on a larger scale.

    Through its accredited status, TESS actively contributes to the enhancement of service quality and reliability, fostering a sustainable business environment. This is not just a partnership; it's a commitment to excellence that resonates through every aspect of TESS's operations. Clients can rest assured that by engaging with TESS, they are embracing a journey of educational advancement supported by a strong foundation of accreditation, partnership, and quality assurance.

    Qualifi and OTHM Accreditation:

    TESS is keen on empowering students with the knowledge it provides them through educational services and options. TESS is an accredited organization as it provides high-quality education to international students and maintains partnerships with many international educational authorities.

    TESS partners include Qualifi and OTHM, both of which are recognized awarding bodies based in the UK and are assured quality in the professional certificates they provide. We have considerably enhanced our professional pathway services through our partnership with Qualifi and OTHM and helped a lot of post-graduate students augment their academic skills with detailed professional skills that resulted in more fruitful careers. This partnership allows up to maintain our relationship with our clients after they complete their higher educational degrees (such as bachelor’s or master’s degrees) and help guide them towards a professional certificate rightly tailored for their purposes and career vision. TESS is also accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) which is the leading professional accreditation agency for the fields of business and management.

    QUALIFI and OTHM programs are recognized internationally, which means that students who complete these programs can have their qualifications acknowledged and accepted in various countries. This recognition adds credibility to their qualifications and opens doors for further education and career opportunities around the world. 

    Both organizations offer a wide range of programs, from vocational qualifications to postgraduate degrees. This diversity allows students to choose programs that align with their interests, career goals, and personal strengths.

    Flexible Learning Options: Many QUALIFI and OTHM programs are designed to accommodate different learning styles and preferences. They often offer online and distance learning options, making education more accessible to individuals who may not be able to attend traditional on-campus classes.

    Adaptation to Industry Needs: These organizations often collaborate with industry experts to ensure that their programs are up-to-date and relevant to the current demands of the job market. This focus on practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge enhances students' employability upon completion.

    Progress and Progression in Studies:

    Pathways for Advancement: QUALIFI and OTHM programs often include clear progression pathways, allowing students to start with lower-level qualifications and progressively move on to higher levels. This encourages lifelong learning and supports students in achieving their educational and career goals step by step.

    Many of these programs recognize and credit prior learning, enabling students with existing qualifications or work experience to potentially skip certain modules and accelerate their progress.

    Cultural Exchange: Incorporating European education methods into teaching and learning in the UAE enhances our diversity of educational approaches. This exposure to different methodologies broadens students' horizons and equips them with a more well-rounded skill set.

    Quality Assurance: The integration of European education methods may come with quality assurance mechanisms, as these methods are often backed by established educational frameworks and standards. This ensures that students receive a high-quality education that meets internationally recognized benchmarks.

    European education methods often emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and interactive learning. Integrating these methods into the UAE education system helps foster a more holistic and student-centered approach to education.