Why us


  • Why choose TESS as my higher education service provider?

    Our organization utilizes the resources and expertise of some of the best consultants in the field. Years of experience have resulted in the formation of numerous successful partnerships and collaborations with top universities and educational platforms from around the globe. Our application process and services run smoothly and efficiently through our streamlined business model. We also offer a wide range of support services that accommodate your primary higher education service including immigration, housing, meet and greet, student insurance and future career opportunities.

  • How do I know if my English proficiency is good enough to study abroad?

    If you are planning to study abroad in an English-taught program, you will need to acquire an internationally recognized qualification such as the IELTS exam to continue with your application process. You need proof of your English proficiency in order to ensure that you will be able to manage your student experience and effectively interact with your academic environment throughout your program. You will need to prove your proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening and your qualification must be within the last two years. Most universities will ask you to retake your proficiency exam if it is older than two years.

  • What kind of programs can I gain access to through your services?

    Some of the most popular student programs include:

    • Business Management
    • International Relations
    • International Business Management
    • Marketing
    • Accounting
    • Finance
    • Economics
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Construction Engineering
    • Telecommunications Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Information Technology
    • Architecture

    Professional qualifications include:

    • Executive Management
    • Strategic Management and Leadership
    • Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • IT Networking
    • Business Law
    • Health Management
  • How do you connect me to universities?

    Once you create an account on our website and answer the pertinent questions that characterize what you are looking for in a university program, we begin communicating this information to the universities and the search and match process thus begins. We notify you immediately as soon as an offer has been set out by any university for you.