Why us

Internship Placement

Throughout your undergraduate career, gaining work experience is seen as critical for developing not just your job opportunities, but also your general comprehension of the practical applications of your profession. Internships provide students with an excellent chance to expand their network of potential peers and supervisors.
Clients of TESS can apply for and participate in placements and internships. Students may apply for placements related to their particular major during their research, which would result in six to twelve months of professional experience in a variety of industries. Additionally, students are paid for their attendance, which allows them to continue seeing the dawn of their careers.

Additionally, TESS offers options for a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate internship programs that are often shorter in duration and can last up to four months, depending on the specifics of the hiring organizations. Undergraduate internships differ in terms of pay since others are designed to enhance students' learning without compensation.
We are committed to improving both your theoretical understanding and practical experience, as both are essential for the development of your synergetic competencies. Experience substantive internship programs at some of the world's leading organizations in the world's most diverse cities, where you'll meet and learn directly from real-world leaders. Students will receive positions that allow them to make tangible changes in their communities through our interdisciplinary experiences and to hone their critical thinking skills in real-world settings. You will learn time management and decision-making skills in fast-paced and evolving market environments that will enable you to address some of the world's most pressing issues today.