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Doctoral Programs

Enhance your knowledge and practical capabilities with our doctoral degrees, which will culminate your critical thinking ability and enhance your capacities as a competitive corporate leader.
Designed to prepare people for research careers, either at a university or in industry, Doctor of Philosophy degrees, commonly known as Ph.D. teaches students how to discover new knowledge within their academic discipline.
Offered in a wide range of academic subjects Ph.D. degree is also distinguished for highly technical fields like biology, physics, math, or engineering; social sciences like sociology and economics; and humanities disciplines like philosophy.
Another well-known type of doctoral program is clinical or professional doctoral programs that aim to equip people with the practical skills they need to become influential leaders in a particular industry or field of employment, such as business, psychology, education, or nursing.

These programs are aimed to prepare you to lead education researchers. In some programs, students gain the opportunities each quarter to serve as teaching and research assistants for faculty members' courses and research projects. TESS is committed to enhancing your experience by exposing you to programs that incorporate real-world problems, situational analysis, practical applications, and collaborative efforts with your peers in order to assist you in completing your broad set of practical skills. More precisely, you will be able to focus on particular topics within your subject in an engaging and competitive atmosphere guided by accomplished and professional instructors who have made significant contributions to their disciplines.

Some of the Doctoral degrees include:s

  • Ph.D. in Construction
  • Doctorate in Operational Management
  • Ph.D. in Management
  • Ph.D. in Mathematics
  • Ph.D. in International Business Management