Why us

Short Courses

Learn at an accelerated rate with our services in short courses that help you achieve your academic needs within a short period of time and an engaging and stimulating environment.

Experience an excellent learning environment that allows for your intellectual passions and career needs to be met through the services of TESS. The short courses we offer access to are perfect for you if you seek to enhance your capabilities and diversify them. You can choose the courses that fit your interests with a flexible schedule and thus study what interests you without much hassle. Short courses are viable both for individual learners and professionals seeking to utilize practical knowledge in their workplace.

Short courses completed at TESS offer professional recognition in the form of a Certificate of Completion, which can be used to validate your commitment to professional development and will be an excellent investment on your resume or portfolio.

Undertaking a short courses offers to gain the relevant skills, experiences needed for new career path in much shorter time frame which provides great advantage for people with full-time job and additionally, it allows people to jump straight into the workforce after finishing with all the required skills and knowledge needed for the job. Short courses are also a stepping stone for potential undergraduate or graduate students who are interested in studying but aren't sure they want to splurge on a full degree. This is where you can explore before deciding to take the next step forward or decide it just isn't for you.

TESS offers academic services in various short courses that help you advance in a range of different fields such as:

  • Business and Management
  • Business Law
  • Creative Writing
  • Finance
  • Computing
  • Engineering
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Energy and Engineering