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Choose your preferred degree, and discover which course you need to take to gain entry.

Start in the UK or online: you can start your course in person with blended learning, start remotely with digital learning and travel to the UK by 30 June 2022 to continue your studies in person, or complete your course entirely online if you don't have a CAS. In all cases, you can keep your studies on track and fully prepare for your degree.

The same guaranteed degree entry when students pass their Pre-Master's at the required level with good attendance, for both in-the-UK and online starts. On the Pre-Doctorate, KIC London students who pass are guaranteed an interview for entry to a doctoral degree at a partner university when their research area matches the university's priorities. University of Nottingham International College Pre-Doctorate students who pass are guaranteed an interview for a doctoral degree in Engineering at the University of Nottingham.

Do you want to add an internship to your course?
You could take an integrated online internship as your final term after the modules. It’s a great way to develop your English in a professional setting, and to build career skills and real-world experience related to your degree, all while still on your pathway course.