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#Steps towards becoming a partner
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  • We will then get back to you to discuss your enquiry and send a formal Application Form to you, for you to complete.

  • Having received your application, we will assess it and respond to you advising if your application has been successful.

  • TESS will then send a formal agreement for authorisation.

  • We advise you to read this agreement carefully before signing where indicated. Having done so, kindly return it to TESS.

  • The administrative team will send you an official partnership certificate, confirming the agreement.

#Steps towards becoming a partner
Terms and Conditions of Acceptance

Personal Information

Delegates should communicate any changes in contact details including permanent and term time addresses, emailaddress etc.

Educational Information

The educational qualifications needs to be mentioned by including the most recent ones first. If the qualification has not been completed, the delegate needs to mention the completion date.

English Language Proficiency

Not Native English speakers are requested to submit evidence of their ability to communicate in English. This can bedone by an independently verified English Language test such as IELTS and Cambridge.

Employment Information

Details of any work experience needs to be incorporated stating the most recent ones first.

Duties and Responsibilities

Held needs to be mentioned while highlighting the tasks relevant to the chosen course. The period of the work experience needs to be clearly stated with start and end dates.

Fee Information

Course fees needs to be adhered according to the package and university as the prices differ.